Understand your ROI

It’s never been easier to connect to people.

Yet, people have never been more difficult to connect with. That doesn’t mean that leaders can stop trying. This paradox is simply the reality of marketing in today’s world.

The challenge this creates is whether or not digital marketing investments are actually having an impact. For about one third of respondents, the answer seems to be that investments are delivering on strategic priorities.

But that means the majority of people don’t really know what they are getting for their money:

  • 40% are only somewhat confident that their investments are delivering on priorities
  • 25% have little or no confidence

Let’s chart your course:

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No budget is big enough to “spray & pray”, hoping that a message finds a receptive audience.

It’s essential to know the contribution every dollar makes to the interactions that drive your business.

Advice: “Shape the things that shape the brand”.

What does that mean? It means that even CEO’s and CMO’s can’t be involved in each and every decision.


Quick :

  • SMOX results gleaned from Coke’s public statements related to SMOX
  • $155 million in deposits directed to sister company ING Direct (up from $0);
  • Visits to primary brand site up 1,377%; Average visits per day up 1,426%; Average page views up 639%
  • Reduction in number of active domains from 50+ to 4 core sites;
  • Unification of email domains from 27 to 1
  • Identification of over 1,000 specific interface improvements resulting in order of magnitude increases across all core metrics