Making Room for Innovation

Tomorrow will be different from today. Don’t get caught off guard.

What version of tomorrow is impossible to imagine? Is it a version where AI has slowly faded from memory? Where Virtual Reality is remembered as a once promising star that never really shined?  Or a tomorrow without blockchain-based solutions backing supply chains and financial transactions?

When it comes to emerging technology, it can be hard to separate signal from noise…sizzle from steak.  Most companies don’t even try. In Fact:

  • In our survey, nearly half (46%) of respondents waited until -- or AFTER -- others used emerging technology.

Let’s chart your course:

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Preparing for the future means taking risks now.

But it doesn’t mean you need to take big risks.  90% of your efforts should be directed towards the things that you know work or to making things work better.  But if you want to truly get ahead, you must carve out space for innovation to unfold.

Some ideas are so new, and so creative, they don’t yet have a proven ROI. You don’t know how to hire the right people for it, organize plans around it, or really leverage it—and that’s ok.

Advice: You’ll probably lose money picking a winner in the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. So don’t try.

 Think about the world that is impossible to imagine and ask if that world can come to be without a specific experience or capability. We already imagine the world without MySpace (sorry MySpace fans), and some are even wondering about the future of Facebook. But “social networking” is here to stay.


Quick :

  • Lead digital representative for The Coca-Cola Company in the GMA’s “Smart Label” initiative, providing strategic guidance as well as detailed requirements gathering via JAD sessions. Resulting deliverable will eventually impact each and every package from The Coca-Cola Company in the US and has formed the foundation of national industry approach to GMO and ingredient transparency
  • Global marketing lead partnering with IT to create framework to connect 15 million coolers and vending machines (“IoT”) via BLE beacons to enable consumer engagement and other operational benefits (e.g., asset tracking).
  • Champion of a pre-competitive coalition of chocolate companies leveraging blockchain for sustainable cocoa supply chains