Drive External Partnerships

Are you getting the best work and best value from external partners?

If you thought “sometimes, rarely, or never”, you’re not alone.
  • Nearly two-thirds of people we surveyed had the same reaction.
  • Only 10% said “always”.

Let’s chart your course:

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How do you get that confidence?

Selecting the right suppliers and partners isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen by accident. Getting full value from external resources requires experience and a thoughtful, steady approach. It also requires your continuous attention. Getting clear & consistent value is never a “set-it-and-forget-it” proposition

  • Management Strategies & Frameworks
  • Operating Principles
  • Toolkits & Templates
  • Audit Capabilities
  • Fair & Equitable Compensation Models
  • On-going Bi-directional Evaluations

Partners decisions should rarely be made according to price alone. Your external partners need to inspire and motivate you to be the very best client you can be.  At the same time, you need to inspire and motivate partners to provide the game-changing thinking (and doing) needed to win today and tomorrow.

Advice: Don’t be coy or evasive when selecting partners

Judging a runner on sprinting ability when you know the race is a marathon doesn’t make sense.  Tell all your potential partners what they need to know so they can put their best foot forward.


Quick :

  • Created “technical integrator agency” model to deliver $5 million in savings annually