Testimonial – Rex Briggs

Rex Briggs

Founder & Executive Chairman at Marketing Evolution

I’ve had the privilege of pioneering measurement of digital marketing effectiveness since 1994. For the majority of the 25 years, I’ve had a front row seat to Tom Daly driving change within Fortune 500 companies.

I first saw Tom Daly turn a big ship in a small space at ING Direct, and wrote about his work in my book What Sticks, Why Advertising Fails and how to Guarantee Yours Succeeds. He helped the company get ahead of the curve on embracing digital advertising.

I witnessed Tom do this again for The Coca-Cola Company in both digital & social media, as well as, on a massive scale with mobile advertising, first in the US and then globally. I watched Tom take the learning industry wide and help accelerate the adoption of mobile marketing. In total, I have seen Tom influence changes amounting to over three billion in incremental profits across the five initiatives that I have directly witnessed him leading.

Tom achieved these bottom-line business benefits because Tom is a connector that brings the right people together. He is a thoughtful presenter, who strikes the right tone to encourage change. He is a thoughtful marketer that is ahead of the trends. Tom is a generous human being ready and willing to help others on their journey. He is a great collaborator that works hard to help others engage in the opportunity.

I am looking forward to hearing what he sees as the next frontier of marketing success to create the next billion dollars in incremental profit. I look forward to seeing Tom Daly take his leadership and collaboration skills to a broader set of marketers as a change agent. Tom’s practical solutions and collaborative nature make him the go to person when an organization is serious about adapting to the changing world around us.