Testimonial – Michael Becker

Michael Becker

Founder, Managing Partner – Identity Praxis, Inc.

(formerly President Mobile Marketing Association Of America)

Tom Daly posses a keen mind. He has a unique capacity to identify market trends, manage brands, and weave compelling brand stories. He’s able to handle complex enterprise projects with grace and knows how to get things done–both at large enterprise and entrepreneurial organization environments.

I have worked with and confided in Tom, both personally & professionally, for over fifteen years. Tom has helped me commercially. He has provided me with invaluable product development and positioning mentorship, which helped one of my startups effectively market, sell, and deliver its offerings to large organizations; such as, Coca-Cola. And, at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), a global trade group, Tom and I, as MMA board members and council leaders, helped shape regional and global mobile marketing industry policy, guidelines, best practices, and standards.

Tom is an esteemed colleague. I continue to seek his advice, as I continue to help organizations embrace mobile and prepare for the rise of the personal information economy.