Testimonial – Kumar Mehta

Kumar Mehta

Author; Speaker; Consultant

I first met Tom Daly at an event in New York City where I was a keynote speaker. I immediately ascertained through his questions and our discussions that he had grasp of some fairly abstract concepts and that Tom was sharp and on point. During that first meeting he was a pleasure to talk to and his wealth of experience and grasp of the shifting dynamics of the marketplace were obvious.

Tom and I kept in touch and he invited me to speak at a private gathering of Atlanta’s business leaders, allowing me to spend some more time with him. On this visit I realized that in addition to being skilled, Tom is an outstanding “people” person. Additionally, I learned that Tom is the rare individual who is just as comfortable in a large organization (through his years at Coca-Cola) as he is working as an entrepreneur. He has the respect of senior business leaders in Atlanta, as well as from the Georgia Technology Institute and Greater Atlanta startup community.

In addition to his mobile and marketing skills, I would recommend Tom for anything that requires creative and entrepreneurial thinking, influencing people and building long lasting relationships.