Testimonial – Jeff Cole

Jeff Cole

Director Center for the Digital Future--USC Annenberg School

I have been privileged to know Tom Daly for the past 20 years. In that time he has been a brilliant marketer and communicator at one of the world’s largest companies (Coca-Cola), a highly successful children’s author (it’s much harder than it looks), as well as, an industry thought leader and innovator. Tom is universally respected and admired in the media and technology industries as both a highly regarded leader and executive, but also as a great communicator and highly personable friend.

Tom Daly’s great foresight and prescience is noted by how early he understood the potential of mobile communication to change the world. He made Coke an early leader in mobile and beyond his own company, he moved the entire industry to see the potential of the mobile Internet. While most of his high-level peers focused on the brand messaging for their own companies (and Tom was great at that), he also spoke for the entire media and marketing business.

A regular and popular speaker and thinker, his presentations raised understanding of mobile across the entire industry. He is regarded as a statesman and evangelist for mobile and other new technologies.