Testimonial – Candace Sabino

Candace Sabino

Owner – Huntington Learning Center

(formerly Senior Manager, Worldwide Agency Operations – The Coca-Cola Company)

As the iMarketing Agency Operations, Sr. Manager, I was tasked with leading and managing world-class Agency partnerships which support marketing communications discipline to drive business growth at the Coca-Cola Company. I worked closely with marketing teams to develop Agency Management Models for specific specialist capabilities and implement an Agency Management Roster process. This work is what introduced me to Tom Daly. We worked together to create and adapt frameworks, strategies and tactics for iMarketing agencies of all types (i.e. digital, social media, mobile, web, etc.).

Tom is an ideal partner as he is a very cerebral thinker with the drive to move the needle by any means necessary.  He was instrumental in providing me a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the ever-changing world of iMarketing and stayed in constant contact to ensure our frameworks could be implemented in real time throughout the business units.  Tom’s “string theory” attitude and willingness to lead by example was a good combination to allow us to bring together this framework that impacted 100+ agencies and at least $50million of annual spend.

During our time together, Tom Daly’s ability to see beyond the page and what was previously done, were integral to the success of implementing a framework the iMarketing team could rely upon and truly understand “why” it was important.  Tom was also a main team member of the Global Agency Council and provided his expertise related to global iMarketing Agencies that would be able to fulfill requirements of our marketing teams as they implemented their digital campaigns.  He worked closely with our Agency Management team. I marveled at his focus, determination and thoughtful insights brought to each meeting to create a lasting framework that is still in place. I would happily work with Tom Daly again.