Turning big ships
in small spaces,
toward a digital future

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Founder, Tom Daly



  • ● Aim, point, or direct
  • ● Challenge and overcome momentum
  • ● Remake

Big Ship


  • ● Usually a firm with $1B+ revenue and/or a system of 10,000+ people
  • ● Big ideas with the ability to inspire and transform the lives of millions
  • ● Of course, sometimes a big ship is a big idea in a big company

Small Space


  • ● No or limited budget for what needs to be done
  • ● No or limited people with belief in the possibilities
  • ● Playbooks or precedence for success
  • ● No clear ROI…yet

Digital Future


  • ● A description of technology so fundamental that it will not go away
  • ● The “Big Bets” that must be made in order to compete in the digital world to come.
  • ● The tomorrow that is inevitable.

Real change (“transformation”) happens when companies -- or ideas -- successfully navigate through those small spaces.

We all want to move fast, but we also want to avoid rocks.​

That takes experience.

That takes experience.

Relevant Ventures has that experience.

  • We are the tugboat; You are the captain.
  • We’re comfortable in the bridges and boiler rooms of large enterprise and scrappy entrepreneurial environments.

We guide big ships by navigating the 4 currents that influence everything:

Making sure people in companies are competitive and prepared to win today.

Getting clear and consistent value from external resources

Begin confident in the ROI of (digital) marketing investments

Preparing for the digital world to come

The activities that consume your time, money and attention can be traced back to those currents. Every strategy & tactic must add to your confidence that your company is headed on the right course.

Quick :

  • Mobile Hall of Fame, Mobile Marketer (2015)
  • Two-time Top 10 Adweek 50 Most Influential Buyers, Sellers and Marketers (2014 & 2015)
  • Mobility All-Star, Atlanta (2014)
  • Digital Media Master, AdAge (1997)
  • 30 Most Creative People in Mobile Advertising, Business Insider (2013)
  • OMMA Online All Stars, Media Post (2009)
  • 50 Most Important People in Mobile Content, Mobile Entertainment (2008)