I have caught lightning in a bottle.  Twice.

(Actually, I caught it first in a box and then in a bottle.)

A conventional start at an exceptional advertising agency put in motion a series of events that have, I am told, shaped not one, but two industries.  My work has impacted a staggering number of businesses and people on a global basis by combining a “how the watch is made” curiosity with a pursuit of simple, but universal and enduring truths. 

Balancing the "big picture" with day-to-day realities, I apply these experiences to lead enterprise-level strategies that accelerate and amplify the use of both established and emerging technologies to have a positive business impact. 

However, there is more – much more – that can be done in a 5G IoT world rocketing toward 50 billion connected devices.


Mobile marketing, interactive marketing, international marketing, search marketing, IoT, partnerships/alliances, large scale development/management programs, brand building, application of emerging trends, “intrapreneurship”, turning large and complex organizations toward a digital and networked future.