Advising Atlanta-based Captionable

Captionable is a fun and surprising word game for everyone. Take any image or GIF and create your own caption, then challenge your friends to crack it. Solve captions built by other players too. The photo is the clue!

Advising UK-Based Skignz.

Skignz is a Geo-Location based Augmented Reality platform created to provide the billions of mobile device users with a whole new way to view and engage with digital information in a non-intrusive way.

Advising Seattle-based Upside Commerce.

myUpsideTM is a holistic coalition of lifestyle brands and retailers designed to encompass the activities, interests and opinions of today’s consumer.

Author & Publisher "Traveling Parent" book series.

Sometimes I Work In... is a fun, educational book series designed for the children of parents who travel on business. With colorful, eye-catching illustrations and simple storytelling, each book focuses on a single city, educating young readers about that city's unique characteristics while also explaining to them what their parents do when they're away.